LifePrint Chrome Extension

The LifePrint Chrome Extension allows you to search words on

This is a convenient tool when learning American Sign Language.


The LifePrint Chrome extension is made better by people like you.

If you add to the effort, I am generous with the recognition.

Developers & Designers


  • while browsing, have a small input box collect the word to search
  • desired page (word) show in its intended frame


+2 # RE: Suggest, Vote, Comment, BribeArchie 2013-02-13 23:56
This is an awesome website (I am doing the ASL lessons) and I really like the fingerspelling tool but it flashes one unconnected letter after another, much like print. When I see actual people fingerspelling it's harder to read because I am not used to seeing the transition between letters. Maybe it would be beneficial to create a program that signed words showing the letters connected like cursive writing. It would probably have to be done in animation but seeing a word fingerspelled smoothly like I see it is in real life would make learning easier. What do you think?
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